January 30, 2014

Cover Up Dark Circle

January 30, 2014
Okay....Maybe this post only suitable for beginners....

This is my first makeup tutorial and I'm going to share everyone how to cover up your dark circle. I am the person who just covers dark circle and without any foundation or blush or BB cream on face. I don't like to put things on face cause I think it's very troublesome and feel uncomfortable. I usually go out with naked face, only covers my dark circle and very confidence to shows people my naked face. But sometimes I also put eyeshadows and mascara, depends on situations. I'm not very good at makeup, but how to look good even you apply a little things on your eyes?

I know make video is much better, too bad no one can helps me to record. So, I hope you can get it and learn from photos. *ps: all photos without edit/ photoshop.

From left: concealer brush.
From top: REVLON colorstay concealer (liquid), I'm using 03 light medium, the color must match ur skin type, do not choose too bright or too dark.
                OR BOBBI BROWN concealer 
                 LOREAL true match powder
                 REVLON lipbalm
From right: Cyber color brush
BOOOO! Didn't mean to scare you, photo before makeup.I'm using two type of concealer, one is liquid another is cream. I'll show the liquid first.
 Apply a little bit of concealer
Slowly and gently dab it by fingertips

Here is the result
 For cream concealer, u can dab by fingertips or use concealer brush
 Same steps as previous, apply it under ur eyes
Same way like dab by fingertips
 Must conceal it balance
Add some foundation over the top of your concealer
And also around ur eyes
Lastly, I will apply lipbalm before going out
 Highly recommend Revlon lipsbalm, it isn't oily and sticky 

January 16, 2014

I'm glad you came

January 16, 2014
So, last Sunday I met my cousin. 
It has been a long time since we last contacted each other! 
Almost 3 years I think. 
We used to be close, every time went out together during her holiday. 
Mostly we went to singK (chiong K), 
We both love to sing, 
She is my partner, 
My chiongK gang....
I'm glad to see you again! 
That day, we went to DreamBox, Malacca
Dreambox used to be the top of KTV in Malacca, 
I think now is another KTV
I always went there and I was one of the member of DreamBox, 
I still keep the member card, worried that one day I will use it again. 
I personally think that the services and the facilities are very, super, extremely bad!

I know I've been neglecting the people around me since I started dating, 
I am so sorry....
I always ask myself why people always leave me, 
Why the people around me are getting less...
Am I deserve it? 
And now, I miss them so much....

爱的生存之道 The Pursuit of Happiness

终于我看完了《爱的生存之道》,好突然就结局了,好不舍,因为真的太好看了啦!是一部偶像剧但走的风格有点像《我可能不会爱你》很写实,有些情节蛮生活化的…由隋棠和杨佑宁主演,但我比较错愕第二女主角是新人歌手谢沛恩。我很喜欢她的歌她的声音,我是透过《我可能不会爱你》知道她,《旋转门》就是她唱的,《我可能不会爱你》插曲 …

Recently, I've just finished watching the latest Taiwanese drama The Pursuit of Happiness....The best Taiwanese drama I have ever watched! In Time with You is the second....  If you have watched In Time with You, you might also like this drama. The way of this drama exactly like In Time with You very realistic, meaningful, but the story is completely different...I don't often watch Taiwanese drama, unless I'm interested in that celebrity or really nice to watch
Starring Sonia Sui Tang (Top Model in Taiwan), Tony Yang You Ning and the New Singer Aggie Hsieh Pei En....I like Aggie because of her voice and her songs..She is a amazing singer, btw (by the way) she has 1/4 of American descent... One of my favorite song is 旋转门  I was very surprised that Aggie was one of the character of this drama! I never thought that she would be involved in this drama... I believe that she doesn't have much acting experience, her acting isn't really that good....Anyway that was a good try


How you feel if you love someone but that person loves someone else...or you've been waiting so long for his love, at the end he told you that he got a girlfriend and he wants you to wish him happy, also, he ask you to forget him. Too bad, I had this experience when I was 18 years old. When I heard he said how they met each other, how they fell in love, how they started the relationship, when I saw they being so sweet at outside, I felt like the end of the world, I felt like I lost everything in my life....
Anyway, this is my past...Just I have felt the same way with the main character, and this is the reason why I say the best drama....Although this is a drama, but I agree that is a true while we are searching for love 

January 11, 2014


January 11, 2014

每天搞到半夜四点才入睡,我迟早会垂死!昨天游览了朋友的博客,她没更新快要一年了…其实我跟她的友谊也已经冷淡了好几个月了…翻回她过往的文章,大部分都是记录伤心事…在最前的两个文章里,发现她的前任给她留  然后我也很好奇按进去看他的博客。很久以前她跟我说过,那男的之所以会开始写文章是因为在他们第一次分手时,他为了挽留她才写的。这我也看得出来,2010写了六篇后就没再写了,直到2013年共写了六十一篇,不过是在分手后又开始写。这一次的挽留并不成功,因为我朋友分手后就停止写文章了。男生的文章确实感动到我,分手后才知道对方的好,才知道自己是爱对方的…




January 08, 2014

Groupon made my day =)

January 08, 2014
Chinese New Year is around the corner  my mum says nowadays people don't want to celebrate festivals because the economic is getting worse, that's why I totally can't feel the celebration at all! 
I am not excited for this, but I am looking forward to going to Port Dickson during sem break!!! People always say that "no sweet without sweat"  so before the trip I have to fight my final exam  few subjects only, I can bear it =(  and now I wanna show-off  something that I have been talking - the Grand Lexis 
The actual price is around RM1000 or above  price is depends on room   but now we get the cheapest price from groupon, only need RM500 for 2 person and we stay in deluxe suite room!!! The coolest thing is we got own private swimming pool in room
He says Grand Lexis is the most luxurious resort in Port Dickson...the most cheapest room also need RM700++ which means we get a lot of discount from groupon
Well.... this is a random post, I will post the detail of Grand Lexis again after the trip =)

January 03, 2014

Dongdaemun Korea BBQ Restaurant @ Melaka Raya

January 03, 2014
2014 started, the new beginning, but there's nothing special for me, no celebration, just stayed at home and watched tv whole day....Even though 2013 has passed but I still gonna write about the Christmas Eve..I really can't feel the Christmas last year, the people don't seem like celebrated the Christmas here, I never heard the Christmas songs during Christmas (radio, shopping mall......) Anyway, his birthday also falls on Christmas Eve, so I brought him to Korean restaurant to celebrate......

最近发现一家韩国料理的餐厅,位于马六甲的Melaka Raya,就在粥店“粥家村”的对面而已喔!
It's located at Melaka Raya, Malacca...opposite the famous restaurant Porridge House 粥家村  I found it when I was taking supper at 粥家村 Business hours: 10am till 1pm and 3pm till 11pm if I'm not mistaken 
Foods are nice and good service, the boss of this restaurant is a Korean, means those Korean foods are really make by real Korean people
All is my favourite, kimchi soup, bibimbap ( rice), bulgogi (korean barbecue), eggs  When I ordered the bulgogi, I thought that we can barbecue ourselves, at the end I saw they passed me the pork my face was like "sweat"  how I wish I could make myself, I never do that before

More and more Korean restaurant in Malacca now....If compared with another Korean restaurant Koreana  Korean BBQ Restaurant, at Melaka Raya... I prefer Koreana  Korean BBQ Restaurant because Koreana has provided two-person set, family set, they do have a lot of choices of foods....Anyway, I think those Korean foods are very common actually, more or less same no matter which restaurant you go.....

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