December 09, 2013

The Daily Grind @ Bangsar Village

December 09, 2013
Gonna write about food this time... I don't usually blog about food, quite lazy to introduce and I have no idea how to write how to start. Sometimes we really need inspiration to blog, aren't we? I often post "food things" on Instagram and write a simple introduction to share with friends....

Why wanna blog about this? I know this restaurant from a friend's Instagram, when she was posting the red velvet cake. Yeah... it attracts me hehe... I've been scrolled Instagram and google search for food recommendation, seem like the foods are very good. Thanks my boyfie for bringing me here =) Realized that Bangsar is a food paradise, there are many different types of restaurants and cafes...I know Bangsar, but I've never been there before.
The Daily Grind, name of restaurant, which is located at Bangsar Village, ground floor. It's easy to find, if you have GPS.
Oopssss!!! Sorry for my failed photography skills, I'm not an expert... I like the wall decoration, such a creative by using pipe, in fact, it's a plastic pipe....

Alright, let me introduce what we ordered.... Japanese Yodel Burger and Downtown Tokyo Burger
He ordered beef burger, Japanese Yodel burger RM35. Smothered with cheese fondue source, sauteed mushrooms and topped with mushroom tempura ( Copied from menu hehe..)
Sick and tired of chicken burger, wanna try special burger that couldn't find in my place Malacca...I'm not judging it, of course Malacca has a lot of delicious local foods, I'm just telling the truth, I couldn't find any special or awesome western restaurants in Malacca 

I think I'm off the point...continue to introduce hamburgers... the Downtown Japanese Burger RM30, is a deep-fried soft shell crab with wasabi mayo and rocket leaves... Don't worried about wasabi mayo, it wasn't choked actually...both serving are quite huge, filled our stomach up, felt very full till hard to get up
Their service are very good, my boyfie forgot to buy candle, so he requested for the glad they have candles and they didn't charge. Even though my boyfie didn't order drinks, they also gave him a glass of water, it is free!
Red velvet cake RM12, the reason I came....A simple birthday celebration =) Appreciated it! taste is so good but a little bit sweet..I am not a desserts lover, don't really like it, unless it's not very very sweet...mostly hunting for western, japanese and korean food
There have many varieties of foods, brunch; pastas; hot dogs; sandwiches; the types of burgers: beef, chicken, salmon, crab and lamb; mains: chicken, salmon, steak; children's menu; and desserts 

Total around RM100 he paid it, thanks for buying me lunch... Honestly it's very expensive but worth, never regret to eat and will go again 

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