March 17, 2014

Grand Lexis Resort and Avillion @ Port Dickson

March 17, 2014
Because of training, I only got one week holiday to rest... I wrote a random post about I bought Grand Lexis room from Groupon before, and now my dream came true. Last two weeks I went there, took 1 hour 30 minutes from Malacca to Port Dickson. Grand Lexis is on the outskirts of town, not easy to find this place, must use GPS! Room okay, facilities satisfied but totally poor service!

Deluxe Suite- Garden Living, 2 king size beds, private swimming pool, toilet mirrors around you, open the mirror can see swimming pool, mini fridge, microwave oven, kettle, iron and so on...Although there has swimming pool in room but I still wanna swim the public pool because that one is bigger hehe....I don't like the TB (tomboy) who was guarded there, her attitude was very terrible! Seems like look down on people...There also has bar for people enjoy, Saturday night might be more fun I guess... Not much people there cause I stayed on weekdays, I'm sure that will be hard to reserve room on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, mostly people will reserve within these three days...
Room of premium pool villa, above the sea
The facilities and activities, gym, resort swimming pools, KMX and normal bicycle rental, archery range and etc.
They are providing many activities, you can fishing or bicycle or do anything you want, I only went for gym and swimming, you can join any one of activity but have to pay, price is reasonable....Yeah, extremely boring at night! Luckily I brought my laptop, has TV in room but few channels only...How I settle my meals? Well...I brought along my lunch from Melaka, and then I ate McDonald when dinner, the second day I went to a place that I never been for brunch, I have no idea what's the name of street, seems like a new development area, it is beside of sea, got Starbucks, McDonald, Pizza Hut or US Pizza neither one, I already forgot which one got Korean Restaurant, Thai foods somemore, and supermarket and foodcourt and others...

Swimming pool at Avillion
Before I back to Malacca, I went to Avillion again... Last time I found a photo from google, I was very curious how they made sofa above the water, so I went to seek the sofa...

Photo that I found from google
I thought that they build above the water at first, actually it is on second floor of Avi Spa which is floating spa, the sofa is behind of lounge 
Avi Spa, they have won multiple awards, seen from a distance it looks like a church.. I like Avillion so much more, it is cheaper than Grand Lexis, it is beautiful than Grand Lexis, it is very fun than Grand Lexis, it has own private beach but Grand Lexis does not has it. Last time I went to Avillion's beach, hmm....water quite dirty, a lot of birds shits, but you can get peaceful when lie on the desk chair and bask in the sun...Rooms also nicer than Grand Lexis but kinda smaller than Grand lexis, just depends on your interested because both are different types, Avillion is more romantic I think...


  1. i am totally agreed with you, avillion is so much better! somomore it is cheaper..
    I could understand why lexis is expensive, is the material of the building, i really feel so weird when i want to enter in my room, i have to go in from toilet @lexis... lol....

  2. Hi,

    Your holiday in Port Dickson looks fun.

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  5. Hi,
    Glad you enjoyed your holiday in Lexis PD.
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